Dan Mutz takes on the Iditarod with Wren!

Congratulations to Dan Mutz, owner of Likin’ Bikin’ in NH and a Wren dealer, for finishing 2nd in his first Iditarod Trail Invitational 130! As a rookie, Dan competed in the “short” 130 mile class race on the first full suspension bike ever ridden in the Iditarod – the Foes Mutz. We are very proud to say the Wren suspension fork was up front and performed “perfectly”, according to Dan. Exactly what we wanted to hear. Especially because Dan was carrying something special inside his Wren fork… our new Wren Winter Damper. We have been testing our new design over the past few months in Alaska,  Yellowknife, NWT and with Dan in NH. To be honest, we really didn’t expect Dan to enter this race on a prototype damper, but he felt confident enough from his testing to go with it. There is no room for error on this trail and we can honestly say we were nervously following his progress. With below zero temps and wind chills in some areas reported to be -50°F, the last thing Dan needed was a frozen damper. The race started on Sunday, 2/26 at 2pm. Dan finished in 32 hours 5 minutes through brutal conditions. Last we heard (3/1), Dan is still stuck in the finish line tent waiting for winds up to 80mph to calm down so the planes can get in to pick up riders. What an adventure! We are anxious for Dan to get back safely so we can get a full report on the new winter damper. But it sounds like the real world testing was a success! As soon as the new winter damper goes into production, we will post it here. Thanks again to Dan Mutz for riding Wren – awesome job!

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