Crazy Lightweight Aluminum Stems

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Crazy Lightweight, 3D Forged, Aluminum Stems for MTB and Road



Crazy Lightweight, 3D Forged, Aluminum Stems for MTB and Road

✦ 3D forged from AL7050, superior to AL6061 for strength, hardness and rigidity

✦ 3D forging is superior to CNC, strengthens the material and allows for better grain structure

✦ Molds designed specifically to enhance grain structure during 3D forging

✦ 4 bolt clamp distributes clamping force over a wider area

✦ Torx T20 Chromoly bolts used for strength and lightweight

✦ Max torque 5 Nm

✦ Available in 6 degree or 17 degree versions, 31.8 mm bore

✦ Matte finish and laser etched graphics

Crazy Lightweight Aluminum Stems for MTB and Road | Fat bike, MTB mountain bicycle

Lengths and Weights

WST106, 6 degree in these lengths:

40mm – 71 grams

50mm – 74 grams

60mm – 80 grams

70mm – 76 grams

80mm – 78 grams

90mm – 83 grams

100mm – 89 grams

110mm – 97 grams

120mm – 101 grams

WST217, 17 degree in these lengths:

80mm – 82 grams

90mm – 86 grams

100mm – 92 grams

110mm – 99 grams

4 reviews for Crazy Lightweight Aluminum Stems

  1. Zaxer (verified owner)

    No joke – this stem is crazy light and perfect for my gravel bike. Lighter than “lightweight” stems I was considering at a much lower price.

  2. Francois

    Ultralight stem, for a reasonable price. Nice looking.
    Easy to set-up and adjust. Nothing more to say really.

  3. Stevie Kaowabunga

    Amazing stem, I have two of these on two bikes, a 110mm x 6º on my road bike and a 70mm x 6º on my mountain bike, both flipped negative.

  4. Mark Cantrell

    Jumped over my preconceived notions – too light, too small – and got the stem with the “350” bar. Great complimentary combo, stiff, light, and compliant. Thanks for pushing the envelope in stem designs. Cheers

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