Crazy Lightweight Aluminum Stems

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Crazy Lightweight, 3D Forged, Aluminum Stems for MTB and Road



Crazy Lightweight, 3D Forged, Aluminum Stems for MTB and Road

✦ 3D forged from AL7050, superior to AL6061 for strength, hardness and rigidity

✦ 3D forging is superior to CNC, strengthens the material and allows for better grain structure

✦ Molds designed specifically to enhance grain structure during 3D forging

✦ 4 bolt clamp distributes clamping force over a wider area

✦ Torx T20 12.9 grade Chromoly bolts used for strength and lightweight

✦ Max torque 5 Nm

✦ Available in 6 degree or 17 degree versions in a matte finish

✦ 31.8 mm (1 1/4″) handlebar clamp, 28.6 mm (1 1/8″) steer tube clamp

Crazy Lightweight Aluminum Stems for MTB and Road | Fat bike, MTB mountain bicycle

Lengths and Weights

WST106, 6 degree in these lengths:

40mm – 72 grams

50mm – 74 grams

60mm – 78 grams

70mm – 80 grams

80mm – 82 grams

90mm – 90 grams

100mm – 96 grams

110mm – 102 grams

120mm – 104 grams

WST217, 17 degree in these lengths:

80mm – 90 grams

90mm – 92 grams

100mm – 98 grams

110mm – 104 grams

6 reviews for Crazy Lightweight Aluminum Stems

  1. Zaxer (verified owner)

    No joke – this stem is crazy light and perfect for my gravel bike. Lighter than “lightweight” stems I was considering at a much lower price.

  2. Francois

    Ultralight stem, for a reasonable price. Nice looking.
    Easy to set-up and adjust. Nothing more to say really.

  3. Stevie Kaowabunga

    Amazing stem, I have two of these on two bikes, a 110mm x 6º on my road bike and a 70mm x 6º on my mountain bike, both flipped negative.

  4. Mark Cantrell

    Jumped over my preconceived notions – too light, too small – and got the stem with the “350” bar. Great complimentary combo, stiff, light, and compliant. Thanks for pushing the envelope in stem designs. Cheers

  5. Greg

    There is a lot to like about this stem. It is truly light. It is 76g lighter than the Thomson X4 it replaced. It is also fairly attractive if unremarkable. My only real complaint is the T20 bolts. That is not a common size in the bike world. I’m not aware of a single multi tool that has that size. I have added a T20 wrench to my repair kit and in in the process added back 10 grams. This is a petty complaint I know but I wish it had T25 bolts. That would have made this a better product IMO.

    • Russ Johnson

      Hi Greg!
      Our initial production run of these stems included T25 bolts for exactly the reason you stated about tool availability. However, after further testing, it was determined that the T20 bolts were stronger. As safety is always our first concern, we made the change to T20 bolts. Both bolts passed ISO testing. Our concern was not saving the minuscule amount of weight over the T25 bolts, but providing the strongest, safest product possible. Thank you for riding Wren!

  6. Jim C. (verified owner)

    When I received the stem, I could not believe how light it was. It’s as light as Wren claims. The stem has been on my XC bike for 6 months and have not had one issue. I have ridden XC trails to black diamond trails and the stem has help up to the abuse. I would definitely recommended the stem to anyone looking for a lightweight and robust stem!!

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