NEW All-Weather Damper Cartridge


Wren All-Weather dampers real world tested to -27℉!



Damper Cartridge

Introducing the NEW Wren All-Weather damper. Now standard equipment in all Wren suspension forks. Real world tested down to -27°F (so far), the Wren All-Weather damper is the only damper you need to ride in all temperatures. This new All-Weather damper will fit all past Wren suspension forks with AC lengths of 530 mm or 570 mm.*  Wren dampers are a sealed cartridge unit that prevents contamination and needs no servicing. The sealed unit uses a flexible bladder to keep the oil under pressure at all times greatly reducing the effects of cavitation at high damper speeds. Wren dampers have both compression and rebound circuits and provide a true lockout. Wren All-Weather dampers are maintenance free ensuring consistent performance over the life of the damper.
*If you purchased your Wren suspension fork before April 2020, you will need to order the new All-Weather Damper with Rebound Control. The new damper fits all 530 mm or 570 mm AC Wren suspension forks, it will not fit 505 mm AC Wren suspension forks.


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