Wren Sports Wins Fat-Bike.com Gnomie Award!

Well, what can we say? The elves at Fat-Bike.com have bestowed upon us the prestigious Gnomie Award for Best Fat Bike Suspension Fork. And they know fat bikes. Announced on May 18, it completely over shadowed the Royal Wedding as social media lit up around the globe. Sorry Meghan and Harry, you’ll get over it.

Wren Inverted Fat Bike Suspension ForkFat-Bike.com knows the Wren inside and out as they have been riding one for a while now and even published a shootout versus one of our competitors back in 2016. We are seriously stoked to receive this award as we have worked hard to carve out a spot among the big guys in the industry. Being fat bike lovers from the start, we knew that the suspension fork needed to be improved to handle the extreme forces fat tires and “fat” riders were experiencing as fat bikes were pushed harder and harder. No longer just a snow bike, we knew fat bikes were here to stay. But we are more than just a fat bike company. Our lineup of suspension forks pair great with MTB’s, tandems, electric bikes and more. Plus, we’ve got other goodies you can’t get anywhere else.

Our commitment to our products is sincere. If we can make it better, we will. If we can fill a need with a truly superior product, we will. And we will always back Wren products with the best customer service in the industry, along with being in stock on every repair part at all times.

Thank you to Fat-Bike.com for the Gnomie and their vote of confidence. And thank you to all the Wren riders who continue to enjoy our products on every ride. We couldn’t have made it here without YOU!

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