Components for an Adventurous world.

Dan Mutz, Developer of Foes Mutz

"I've been lucky enough to ride all of the fatbike suspension options out there extensively. Wren fits my riding style the best.

In the summer, it's more aggressive. It manages bigger hits higher in its travel, and always seems ready for things to get nastier.

Winter is where I like it even more. It's the most tuneable, customizable fork in existence. For winter, I keep mine at its max axle to crown (which is also adjustable), but limit the travel to 120mm. This way I keep the geo I like, but the studs don't shred my handlebar mounted, $1200, -40° sleeping bag before ramping out.

I love that I can mount racks on the uppers and they stay stationary while the wheel is free to move throughout the travel. Even cooler, I have three different dampers I drop in. Pre-bled 1wt, 3wt, and 5wt for different seasons.

Thing's like the Legos of suspension. Make it whatever you want! 👍

Our Laboratory.

Cameron Sanders draws product development inspiration from wild places.

Lei's Audio Journal.

"When you're out there doing a 1000 mile adventure in the middle of nowhere, the last thing you want to worry about is if your gear is up to the task."

Alaskan Glacier Fatbiking.

How do we know our suspension performs in the cold? We explore some of the world's wildest cold weather environments.

Take a ride to a Glacier
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