Wren Bolt-On 15mm Axle

15mm Bolt-on Thru Axle

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The Wren Bolt-On Axle is designed for Wren forks that require a 15mm thru-axle. It is made from super-strong lightweight 7075 aluminum. It provides higher clamping force than a QR axle. Max tightening torque is 8 Nm.


✦ AL 7075 Aluminum

✦ One side is fixed, other side threads on/off

✦ Uses 2 - 8mm allen wrenches for tightening

✦ Max torque 8 Nm

✦ 135mm - 61 grams / 2.1 ounces, 150mm - 65 grams / 2.2 ounces

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